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  1. Magento U Certification
    Magento U Certification

    Ticket includes a full conference pass plus a voucher for ANY Magento certification you want to take.

    Certifications are held on September 13th on-site at the... Learn More

  2. MyEO Ticket
    MyEO Ticket

    This event is perfect for anyone selling anything online in Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).  You can learn about marketing, selling online and supply chain to name a few items. If your business in... Learn More

  3. Distributed Contribution Day #MagentoDayCD
    Distributed Contribution Day #MagentoDayCD

    Magento Distributed Contribution days will happen this year in LATAM (August) and Sept (USA and India)
    Organized across 40+ countries, the Magento Distributed Contribution D... Learn More

  4. Contribution Day + Event Ticket #MagentoDayCD
    Contribution Day + Event Ticket #MagentoDayCD

    Magento Contribution Days provide intensive workshops with Magento Community Engineering team, giving insights into Magento 2 development and contributing to the Magento 2 core. A ... Learn More

  5. Merchant Doc Day + Event Ticket #MerchDocDay
    Merchant Doc Day + Event Ticket #MerchDocDay

    Magento Merchant Doc Day (MerchDocDay), DevDocDay and Contribution Days are a popular hackathon-like event where the Community, Merchants, Users, Community Engineering meet together

    Learn More
  6. Merchant Ticket
    Merchant Ticket

    This is the perfect venue for merchants who are interested in eCommerce. Whether you have a Magento store or you are on another platform, this will let you see what is new in the online community a... Learn More

  7. Early Bird
    Early Bird
    Out of stock

    The earliest bird gets the worm

    Learn More
  8. Solution Specialist Training
    Solution Specialist Training

    This one-day preparation workshop helps focus the professional on key topics and objectives covered in the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam. Topics discussed include eCommerce, Magento ... Learn More

  9. MOM Training
    MOM Training

    A one-day subset of the full course, “Magento Order Management for Developers”, this course will help you get started with using Magento Order Managemend from a backend developer perspective. The g... Learn More

  10. Magento Cloud Training
    Magento Cloud Training

    A one-day subset of the full course, “Magento Commerce Cloud for Developers”, this course will help you get started with using Magento Commerce Cloud from a backend developer perspective. You’ll ge... Learn More

  11. General Admissions
    General Admissions

    Get 'em while they're hot! You don't want to miss this event.

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  12. Last Minute
    Last Minute

    You can still make it to the event! Buy your last minute ticket now.

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