David J. Neff

David J. Neff
IntroLove your problems, not your solutionsHow to find your problemsPeople, process, tech, strategy and data AND culture. How use Problem Solution Mapping on your own.
It is almost a cliché to state that customer experience matters more than ever. Every executive, marketer and designer is acutely aware of this notion, yet with each passing day this truth becomes more unsolvable for businesses. A deluge of emerging technologies, customer data and market expectations accelerate so quickly and with such fragmentation that, for digital leaders, it can feel as though it is impossible to design the “great experiences” that the market, in general, or their customers, in particular, desire. This presentation cuts through all of that to help you get to the core problems of your business and how to design experiments around them. There is never enough time, resources or sheer ingenuity to keep up with emerging, native digital start-ups that are shaping new patterns for user experience. Similarly, it’s hard to keep pace with the outlying leaders -- Facebook, Netflix, Amazon -- that are able to innovate and experiment with tremendous capital and leverage and, in doing so, actually shape market expectations.
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