Why Third-Party Integrators Need to Attend MageX

Third-party integrations are essential for countless Magento users and open-source Magento projects. Thousands of people rely on integrations such as Dell Boomi, Apigee, and Celigo to customize their online stores and create unforgettable customer experiences. Companies such as these can experience numerous benefits by choosing to showcase their solutions at this year’s MageX conference.

Third-party integrators who choose to attend MageX will have the chance to share their professional insights, learn more about the latest eCommerce trends, and form multiple connections with potential clients and business partners. If you’re still on the fence about coming to this incredibly valuable and insightful conference, consider the following benefits of attending:

Learn from Experts

Third-party integrators will have the chance to interact directly with Google, Adobe, and Paypal team members, as well as Magento core architects and other technology vendors at MageX. At this 2-day conference, attendees can soak up knowledge from some of the most brilliant minds in the world of eCommerce by taking part in these various learning opportunities:

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What is Magento Merchant Documentation Day?

This September, the MageX conference will attract hundreds of Magento enthusiasts, merchants, and developers under one roof to learn all about the latest eCommerce technologies and solutions. This event will feature dozens of workshops, sessions, and expert speakers, but attendees are particularly excited about the chance to take part in the first-ever Merchant Documentation Day hosted by Magento!


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Why Should Magento Competitors Attend MageX?

This September 12 and 13, 2019, MageX will attract hundreds of Magento users, merchants, and business leaders for two full days of learning and networking. Attendees can expect to hear all about the newest developments from Magento and Adobe as they take part in hands-on workshops, enjoy expert presentations, and see demos of up-and-coming projects.

MageX is a must-see conference for our clients and integration partners, but it could also be a worthwhile investment for our competitors. If you want to get a sneak peek at what’s happening with Adobe and Magento, or if you need some new ideas for improving your own platform, you might want to mark this event on your calendar.

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How to Start a Successful eCommerce Business in Texas

Your business name should be easy to spell and pronounce if you want to maximize the chances of customers finding your online store. A lengthy name or one that doesn’t specify what your brand is can discourage users from clicking on your site. 

If you have a number of potential ideas for your business, use the following strategies to check which names are available:

  • Do a simple Google search to see if there are similar companies in your local area already going by that brand name.
  • Do a trademark search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database to be sure that the name isn’t already trademarked.
  • Check out the Texas Secretary of State site and use their research tool to ensure that your business name isn’t too similar to other registered corporations in the state. 

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Why Marketers Need to Attend MageX 2019

Since Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, both companies have announced several major upgrades to their services. From Adobe’s Commerce Cloud to Magento’s partnership with Amazon, marketers can have an arsenal of the latest eCommerce solutions at their fingertips: which is exactly what they can obtain at this year’s MageX conference.

From September 12-13, marketers can experience two full days of workshops, expert speakers, networking opportunities, and much more (including an incredible afterparty!). But most importantly, they can learn how to create unbeatable marketing campaigns before the holiday season is in full swing by using tools from Magento and Adobe

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Who Should Attend MageX

This September, the MageX Conference will be in full swing with dozens of speakers, workshops, training sessions, presentations, and much more in the city of Austin, Texas! From September 12-13, MageX will attract hundreds of attendees for the opportunity to connect with Magento partners, including teams from PayPal, Google PWA, and Magento Masters. This will be the largest Magento event in the southwest U.S., so you can expect to learn from dozens of knowledgeable business leaders, Magento experts, and marketers.


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Why Digital Agencies should attend MageX

MageX is the largest Magento Xperience conferences in the United States. This conference, held in Austin, Texas, was created by Magento professionals for Magento professionals. It features a day of interactive workshops, break-out sessions, and talks by a host of accomplished leaders from the Magento community. Agencies that want to learn more about Magento, talk to key Magento technical staff or simply learn more what Magento is doing and planning for the future. Magento is now part of Adobe and that means your digital agency can use the power of Magento to help your clients sell things ONLINE. Here are three simple reasons why you should attend.

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