Tina Moore

Tina Moore
Thesis: Data Visualization can make or break your business1. Introduction· What is Data visualization and why is it important· The impact good vs bad data storytelling can have on your business· How can improving your story lead to better, data-driven insights2. Case Studies· Examples of effective data visualization· Examples of where data visualization has gone wrong· E-Commerce use cases3. Best Practices when it comes to data visualizations· Show the numbers· Be honest· Encourage comparison· Provide Levels of Detail· Be clear in your purpose4. Defining your goals and narrative· Setting your goals and framing your story· Understanding your audience· Deciding on key takeaways and action items5. Visualization· Selecting the right chart types· Optimizing a Chart for better communication6. Tools & Resources· Easy tools for creating visualization· Creating visualizations in MBI· Resources to learn more
Data is powerful. Yet, without the proper framing, insights are often lost in the noise. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for creating an engaging narrative for your data and tips for choosing the right visualizations.
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