Igor Gorin

Igor Gorin
* Introduction* Overview of EQP 2.0 launched in Oct 2018 with links to earlier presentations for details.* Testing extensions with EQP Docker images to be published soon - it will cover scripts to automate testing prior to submitting it to Marketplace. Will provide more transparency to all the testing tools used at EQP, and will allow developers to emulate them in their local environments.* Future Plans for EQP Docker images - support for MFTF and other tools.* Plans for other tools* Concluding Remarks* References

In this talk Igor Gorin will discuss Magento’s increasing focus on extension quality, and discuss the upcoming new tools and programs for extension developers. Topics include providing upcoming local and API solutions to run validation tests, leveraging MFTF to enable new educational and development tools, insight into success stories of improving extension quality, and what’s going on behind the scenes.

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