Don Baldazo, Siva Manikanteswaran and Tony Guerrero

Don Baldazo, Siva Manikanteswaran and Tony Guerrero
We will discuss our journey showing multiple departments within SolarWinds the value of Magento eCommerce:--Introductions--SolarWinds background--Problem statement--Journey through departments within SolarWinds--Platform options and why we chose Magento--MVP implementation--Future plan
Nontraditional B2B: SolarWinds products are software based and can be downloaded as a trial prior to purchase and unlocked with a license key or automatically with payment, no shipping needed. Much of today’s B2B is based on sales contact, there is a reluctance to automate the sale and possibly diminish the sales relationship. We will be discussing changing company mindset on using eCommerce as a complimentary tool in the end to end process.
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