Barani Ramakrishnan

Barani Ramakrishnan
Introduce the connectivity options between M2 and AEM, talk about the challenges they present, speak to our clients' needs, demo the connector showing a connection between M2 and AEM on a b2c site.
Zilker's interconnectivity framework we have solved the gap for creating a seamless integration between AEM and Magento. We leverage the CIF (Commerce Integration Framework) from Adobe to connect with Magento to provide real-time product updates to ensure your customers are getting the most for their online experience. We allow AEM to be at the glass creating dynamic, engaging and fresh content while allowing Magento to be the powerhouse on catalog management, order management, and order fulfillment. By AEM also being on the glass we can leverage Adobe's product suite and Experience Manager to provide your content creators and marketers the insight needed to ensure your branded message stays consistent and being able to target your customers in a meaningful manner for a repeat engagement.
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