Why Digital Agencies should attend MageX


With the recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe you now have a comprehensive commerce solution for your digital business. MageX is your perfect opportunity to meet the Magento core team and learn from the people who are writing and using the platform. 

Get your team certified. 

You will be able to get your entire team certified by MagentoU for the cost of your admission. 

Grow your practice

If you are already an Adobe partner this is the perfect opportunity to learn about this new platform and why Adobe purchased Magento. If you are a digital agency that wants to add another platform then this is the perfect opportunity to learn why Magento is the right choice for you.

Connection and Collaboration

Imagine the best and the brightest commerce professionals across the nation gathered together to share and express ideas about Magento and the future of e-Commerce. This is exactly the experience those who attend MageX will receive. Agencies have the ability to ask questions and work with others without recruiters or salespeople. Agencies who send their staff to MageX will see them grow as they communicate with and learn from the other commerce professionals in attendance. With the connections, your form and the relationships you build, you and your staff will improve your skills and be better able to help your clients.


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