Mobile PayPal Express Checkout Wins!

Online shoppers expect to have smooth, easy checkout experiences—especially when they’re using a mobile device. If a mobile checkout process takes too long to complete, customers are likely to abandon their cart mid-purchase. In an attempt to shorten the checkout process and encourage shoppers to complete their transactions, a number of retailers conducted an experiment by prominently featuring a more convenient payment option on their sites.


Most merchants know that offering several different payment options, such as PayPal, is a helpful way to appeal to shoppers. But even if an online store accepts PayPal, it might not be clearly visible to customers. For instance, it may be hidden beneath other CTA buttons, or it might only be featured on a single page.

It was hypothesized that moving the PayPal checkout option to the checkout page, mini cart, and the cart page would lead to increased conversions and a boost in sales. Since PayPal Express only requires two steps to complete the purchase, customers won’t have to enter their credit card information or shipping address. The dramatic reduction of time and effort on the shopper’s part should cause more people to complete their purchases.

Experiment Results

Simply adding a PayPal CTA button to a few extra webpages led to positive results across the board for retailers. Mobile RPV increased by 2.8%, tablet RPV improved by 8.03%, and even desktop RPV rose by 2.47% after the experiment. In short, placing a PayPal Checkout button near the top of the checkout funnel is a good idea for all merchants who accept PayPal.

Further Advice and Suggestions

During the experiment, merchants noted which pages led to the best results. For example, placing the PayPal shortcut on the mini cart caused a 4.33% increase in RPV, and placing it on the cart page only boosted RPV by 2.48%. However, the effectiveness of these locations can vary depending on each unique store’s layout and style. Other sellers are encouraged to experiment to see what works with their own online stores.

If you’d like to conduct other experiments and see live test results from retailers around the world, feel free to join the Mobile Commerce Optimization Initiative. Or, for an in-person learning experience, come to this year’s MageX conference to learn the latest optimization solutions from an engaging Mobile Optimization panel, hear from expert speakers, and collaborate with other Magento enthusiasts. 


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