Get a Sneak Peek at Mage Demo!

If you’ve attended an Adobe Summit before, you’re probably familiar with the famous session that’s fondly referred to as “Summit Sneaks.” During this live event, brilliant developers and innovators have the chance to take the stage and show off their latest achievements in brief, entertaining demos for the audience.

These “sneak peeks” are incredibly fun and inspirational, so we wanted to host a similar event specifically for Magento enthusiasts. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Mage Demo will be returning this September at the MageX conference!

Mage Demo Competition Requirements

Mage Demo will give four teams the opportunity to demonstrate their unique Magento features and/or ideas to hundreds of MageX attendees. Each team is limited to 15 minutes, and their developments must be demonstrated live: no Powerpoint presentations allowed! Competitors must also abide by these other basic guidelines:

  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Features presented must be authored by the entrants (i.e., no plagiarism!).
  • The Magento feature/extension doesn’t have to be commercially available, but it must be able to be demonstrated live.
  • Competitors have to be present at MageX in order to win.
  • Entrants are required to provide an onstage demo in front of an audience.
  • The audience will vote on their favorite presentation at the end of the event.
  • The winners will be announced live at the event, as well as on the MageX website and Magento social media pages.
  • Wagento employees are not allowed to enter Mage Demo.

Prizes for Winners

If you decide to enter the competition, you’ll receive up to four free tickets to the MageX conference in Austin, Texas, and you’ll have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • First place: A $500 check and 10 social media mentions.
  • Second place: A $100 check and 10 social media mentions (or, if desired, a set of steak knives).
  • Third and fourth place: Social media mentions.

If you have an exciting new development or extension for the Magento platform, there’s no better place to show it off than at MageX 2019! To enter the competition, click here to see how you can get started.




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