Technology Partners

Magento agencies have an average of 50 employees and deal with 50-100 merchants. This gives you the ability to connect with 100’s of merchants and create advocates for your brand from each of the agencies’ employees. Each new client the agency brings on will be exposed to your brand! This is the perfect opportunity to grow with your partner.  Users and Merchants are usually only connected with one site.  The Magento Core team plays a big role in the Austin event and this is a unique opportunity to meet stakeholders on the solutions that are relevant to your technology.


The minimum number of certified Magento 2 developers for an Enterprise Agency is now 25. This conference is your opportunity to get more certifications. You will also have an opportunity to meet the team that is working on the latest product you love. PWA Order Management and Page Builder are just two of the product teams that work from the Austin Office. Your sponsorship will give you access to the Friday training sessions for MOM, Cloud, and Solution Specialists. 

Merchants and Users

As a user or merchant you will have exposure to Magento community members who are interested in your product. For example, JetBrains has sponsored Meet Magento India and BMW sponsored Meet Magento Romania. Your product is important to the life of Magento users.


Are you aware that the typical developer is involved in an average of 8 solutions on every client project and gives an opinion on which solution to use? The developer is the core of the Magento build and as a sponsor you want to be in front of as many developers as possible. They are the ones making sure the solution you are providing will work and they are the ones that will recommend the same known solution next time.

Third Party Integrators

Services that are not directly tied to Magento but are needed for Magento are an important part of the ecosystem. If you have a solution that would work on Magento, MageX is your opportunity to learn how it will technically fit into the system. As a sponsor you will get brand recognition for your product and improve its position and understanding in the market.



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