MageX started four years ago as Mage Titans, Austin with a mission: promote communication, collaboration, and connection among the Magento community and offer you the valuable opportunity to join Magento experts in exploratory discussions. Together, we Xperience, Xpress, Xchange, Xplain, Xpand, and Xperiment with Magento to learn and experience how the Magento platform and products will assist you in your job and business.


Xperience Magento and all it's products through hands-on workshops and presentations. Exact the winning advantage with one-on-one interactions with Googe, Adobe and Paypal team members.  Discover new products from technology vendors and sponsors.

Take a look at our agenda to see the wide range of sessions available. 


MageX is two days of workshops, learning, speakers, hand-on labs, and networking events designed to help you to take your business to the next level. Learn from best practice presentations, merchant case studies, skilled training, one-on-one consulting, and discover new products in our sponsors’ marketplace. 


At MageX you’ll network, connect and exchange ideas with industry executives, marketers, developers, and commerce innovators who are focused on innovation.  Network with peers and learn more on insights on commerce tools, then share with your colleagues and team members. You will gain experience from merchants and technologists who have already discovered exceptional growth on the Magento platform.


MageX is a learning environment showcasing the leading names in Magento development alongside the rising stars of the community. 

Express yourself as described by Talesh Seeparsan

"If I were organizing a conference, I'd want the hungry unknown future stars up on stage. I'd want the people challenging the status quo pollinating ideas across my attendees. I'd want the people with a deep understanding and passion for something to be motivated to respond."


Learn and experiment in the Hands-on Labs. This is your opportunity to build skills to improve customer acquisition, streamline business operations, and get more out of your commerce engine. These new sessions will provide hands-on training to enhance your skills on Magento and Adobe products. 


Expand your experience and learn how to help your customers through interactive sessions. Confirm you expanded knowledge by getting the first or next certification from MagentoU 

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