September 12 & 13 - Austin, Texas

311 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78701

For more information about MageX reach out to Madeleine Peterson at +1-952-393-5255

What you will Xperience

Round Table Sessions

We can setup round table sessions for each team. For example, the UX team can do a session about UX/UI and talk directly to what is happening in the community. This would have value for merchants, users, designers.


A specific workshop day for those who want to dig deeper into a specific aspect of Magento. Let’s not forget that Adobe also has a big community and we need to help Adobe users understand what Magento does and Magento users what Adobe does.


Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are a great way to get experts to share their experience. Panel discussions around mobile optimization is a great example of what has worked well in the past. A good moderator can pull out a lot of value for clients and users.


Interactive Chat Session

Interactive chat sessions that engage the community and bring the conference to a greater audience helps to bind together the community and shows support across the globe by engaging users on social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

PWA and Headless

The PWA Studio is launched and headless is in. We partnered in India with Google and would love to do the same in Texas this year. Having a headless version of Magento means you can do whatever you want with the frontend in any language. Do you want to learn more?


Products and Marketing

You can’t forget the business people and selling a product. After all, the entire idea of commerce is selling and the community wouldn’t be here without something to sell! So the question is, do you know what Magento is and if you are a salesperson, how do you keep up with the latest features?


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Why Attend?

We have hosted an annual event in Austin Texas for the last four years and we have had consistent feedback on expanding the content.


The conference was created by Magento professionals for Magento professionals and featured a day of interactive workshops, break-out sessions, and talks by a host of accomplished leaders from the Magento community. Agencies that want to learn more about Magento, talk to key Magento technical staff or simply learn more what Magento is doing and planning for the future. Magento is now part of Adobe and that means your digital agency can use the power of Magento to help your clients sell things ONLINE. Here are three simple reasons why you should attend.


With the recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe you now have a comprehensive commerce solution for your digital business. MageX-perience is your perfect opportunity to meet the Magento core team and learn from the people who are writing and using the platform.


Grow your practice

If you are already an Adobe partner this is the perfect opportunity to learn about this new platform and why Adobe purchased Magento. If you are a digital agency that wants to add another platform then this is the perfect opportunity to learn why Magento is the right choice for you.


Connect and Collaborate

Agencies have the ability to ask questions and work with others without recruiters or salespeople. Agencies who send their staff to Mage Titans will see them grow as they communicate with and learn from the other commerce professionals in attendance.

Mage Titan


What was Mage Titans?

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